Southeastern Continuity Planners Association

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SCPA Mission and Bylaws

Our group is a local professional organization, not affiliated with any national organization. 
Our purpose is to:

Provide real value to our members by:

  • Providing a forum for the exchange of ideas 
  • Providing a forum for Public and Private interaction
    • Focusing on commonalties between public and private sectors
    • Identifying Governments role in recovery of businesses
    • FEMA, GEMA, County EMT involvement is necessary
  • Sharing and discussing our experiences both good and bad
  • Increasing coordination between members
  • Providing an educational experience for each other
  • Networking


  • A 5-person committee will govern our group. 
  • Two people will be elected each year. 
  • Every third year, only one person will be elected. 
  • One of the committee members will be from the public sector. 
  • No more than one member can be a vendor (at time of election.  If a person becomes a vendor while in office, they will be allowed to complete their term.)
  • No more than one member can be from the same company.
  • See contact page for Committee Member information.


  • Meeting will be held quarterly on the second Thursday of the middle month.  Meetings will start around 1 PM (may be varied slightly by the host)

Meeting Format:

  • Introduction
  • Administrative announcements
  • Presentations by (in no specific order)
    • Practitioner
    • Vendor
    • Public Sector (if applicable)
    • Discussion
  • Each presentation will be 30 or 45 min. long, depending on the number of presenters.
  • Meetings/Presentations will be theme based.

Vendor/Practitioner Relations:

            Vendors are an integral part of Business Continuity and must be a part of this group if we are to provide the level of value to our members that we want.  Past experience has shown that if vendors use their presentation time to sell or advertise, practitioners will not remain an active part of the group.  Therefor vendors who use their presentation time for a sales pitch will be asked to leave the group.  Group mailing lists may not be used as a part of a vendor mailing.



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